We are looking for someone who...

Technical aspects

- Has good area knowledge of DUNEDIN CITY AND SURBURBS.

- Can drive a car, van and bus (up to 19 seater) with a trailer as well

- Has a P endorsement

- Has a working Smart phone 

- Has a Bluetooth headset/earpiece for communication



- Can do attitude (willing to work)

- Honest, Reliable

- Physically able to lift at least 23kg bags

- Excellent Communication Skills

- Flexible 

- Adapt to changes 

- Able to work shifts at anytime given (may include split shifts)

- Time management skills (works efficiently)

- Technology user-friendly ( work from their Smart phone)


If you wish to apply for this job please email us with your CV or ring us on 0800 477 800 for more information.

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